save me from myself

Katie. 21. Borderline Personality Disorder. Cutter. suicidal.
dying-on-the-outside asked: Ha, i didn't mean 'how are you going' quite so literally :p It's like saying 'how are you'. So… how are you?



i’ve been ok….been a little sad lately and stuff….

dying-on-the-outside asked: Fair enough. So how are you going? And where are you from, anyway?


well i’m about to be transferred to yet another hospital by an ambulance thing, its not a real ambulance they just use it for transferring purposes. And i’m from new jersey :)

dying-on-the-outside asked: Oh, haha, fair enough. But… how on earth did you forget about tumblr? That's like… forgetting… idk, something big i guess. But oh well. Either way, i'm genuinely glad you're still around.


idk haha i have been in like two psych wards since ive been on here last and they don’t allow you to be on here. unlike some which has computer labs so i can be on here. :)

Anonymous asked: You're obviously a fake. They don't have computers in mental hospitals and they don't allow any kind of access at all to razors. I've been in one and they have to keep everything secure and there are /always/ nurses in the wing keeping watch of everything. Nice going.


uhh ok first off there are some places where you can they have a computer lab here depends what level you are. second off, if your like me and know when it is the exact moment to go and you have some keys that you got from other patients you can get razors. very risky and very hard to do tho.

gretchissofetch asked: I just happened to stumble upon your blog, I loveee your hair!



Anonymous asked: Ok I dnt want to bother u or anything but I'm a girl and I have the urge to cut... But I'm not sure where I should... I want to hide them cuz I dnt want anyone to see my new ones.. Where is the best to cut and best hide it??? Plz answer and plz I dnt want advice I just need my answer questioned.... I dnt want to be rude I just need help finding a better place to hide my cuts please!


well you can start by not cutting :)

Anonymous asked: So are you in a mental asylum right now?


right now, no but in about three hours yes

dying-on-the-outside asked: Wow, i'm so glad you're back! I was worried you'd done something permanent :(


nah, i just forgot about tumblr honestly lol

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